Production Capability



            Our machining shop using the latest CNC equipment to                                                provide our customer with high quality products.

       • Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center 
       • CNC lathe and normal lathe
       • CNC drilling and milling Center 
       • Other assistant equipment





      Weight range: 5g to 60kg

      Materials: stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, ect.

      Process: lost wax casting ,sodium silicate casting., machining, die                            casting, forging ,ect.

      Surface Treatment: galvanizing, sand blasting, polishing, nickel                                   plating, grinding, powder coat, machining center, plating,                                                 heat treatment ,ect.

      Inspection: Besides our in-house inspection, you could also choose                          a third party inspection.





              Advanced wax-injection-machine and tool to ensure accurate wax-patten.

               Stable temperature and humidity environment make the                                              wax- patten no deformation.

         Application: pump parts, valve parts, auto parts, machinery parts,                                 hardware, construction parts ,ect.

         Certificate:  ISO9001-2008